Police have said the church will be demolished at 4pm today – important parts are being saved by volunteers. We stand with our friends at this time, for many of whom this was a vital community space.


3 final buses have just left Calais for CAOS (accommodation centres in France). One bus was for adults and two were for children. Many did not understand or trust where the buses were taking them. Some children did not receive enough notice to get to the buses on time, and are now stranded in the Jungle. In the past few days, they have been herded from place to place, forced to sleep outside, given conflicting information, and watched their homes burn down around them. They have been subject to a disgraceful lack of care from the French authorities. What will these children do now?



It is now dusk. Michael, from the Refugee Youth Service, calls on the UK and French government to urgently find a solution for hundreds of vulnerable children, sleeping on the street, next to the destroyed Jungle, for the 4th night in a row.

Shipping containers, provided by the French government, house over 1500 young people. They are now full.

These are children escaping war, who need support and protection. Instead they are in the hands of police, security guards and dedicated grassroots volunteers. They no longer have support from adults in their community, who have been shipped off around France.

The situation remains incredibly dire.