This morning, around 300 people turned up at the registration warehouse to take buses to CAOs (accommodation centres) around France, but were met with closed doors. Police told them to return to the Jungle. What happened to the authorities’ promise that all willing camp residents would be taken to CAOs?

We also don’t know yet what will happen to the ~100 unregistered minors. Last night, thanks to volunteers, a number were given shelter in the registration warehouse and Chemin des Dunes school. However, around 20 children slept outside, in near-freezing temperatures.

We need urgent answers from French and British authorities: why is the safety of vulnerable young people being completely disregarded? Why are refugees, who have followed your instructions, being turned away?




A lack of information and many mixed messages have caused great confusion for all residents in the camp, but particularly for unaccompanied minors. Volunteers have witnessed minors being arrested this morning.


Demolitions continue, despite people still being in the camp.


Another hero of the Jungle: this is Philippe. For months he has had the generally thankless job of cleaning the toilets in the camp. He treats all residents and volunteers with respect, care and kindness.



Information is now reaching us that any people (whether minors or adults) face arrest if they don’t have a registration wristband after 2pm today.

Authorities have asked all unregistered children to return to the front (bridge) entrance of the Jungle to register with OFII before 2pm.




It appears that the main, unofficial part of the Jungle is now almost completely empty of residents. Our understanding is that 1500 children are now being housed in the container camp. We’re trying to ascertain what is happening around the perimeters of the Jungle where some residents appear to be still waiting.



Still 60 people left on the street outside the jungle. Police blocking off access to the camp and say no more buses are going to accommodation centers. They say this is NGO’s problem. Neglect is how this crisis started. It’s how it continues.


Summary of Day 4 of the eviction

Today was characterised by a lot of confusion, mainly due to a lack of information (or conflicting information) from French authorities.

A number of children slept outside last night, after authorities failed to register them all or provide enough accommodation.

Most residents have now left the Jungle – some buses departed today.

Access to the Jungle has now been closed off, but around 60 people who wanted to go to CAOs remain near the camp with nowhere to go. NGOs are desperately trying to find a solution so they will have somewhere to sleep tonight.

Around 1500 people, mainly unaccompanied minors but also some families, remain in the container camp.

We will continue to send updates in the coming days as any new information surfaces. Thank you all for your support over the last week.