The Ashram kitchen has existed for one year in various different forms and locations through every weather condition, fire and eviction.


The Ashram Kitchen is resilient.


As well as feeding a huge proportion of residents, the kitchen offers services like phone charging, informal one-to-one English lessons, art supplies, laundry, 30-40 phone top-ups per day, and serves as a location for workshops including legal information from the Refugee Info Bus. The kitchen offers support and advice, and directs residents to the other services in the camp they might require.


In emergency situations, Ashram always has one trained first aider on site, 24 hours a day, and is ready to respond to crisis situations with fire extinguishers and hospital runs. The staff are always on-site, and welcome newcomers to stay when they arrive too late at night to access the welcome caravan.


The Ashram kitchen provides consistency and familiarity in it’s staff, and serves as a place for the young men of the camp that are too old to be considered minors, but too young to survive on their own. The staff of the Ashram kitchen provide mentorship and care to these boys, as an alternative to the schools or youth centre. These relationships also extend to those who cross to the UK, with regular contact and advice.


Citizen Photo Project the Refugee Info Bus