Extra police and buses have been called. The prefecture have informed NGO’s that the total eviction of the Jungle will start on Monday. In camp, there is an atmosphere of fear, resignation and frustration, at not knowing what will happen.

The government are promising the world in quiet conversations with communities in the camp, yet, they refuse to put these promises into writing. People are very fearful about who, and what, to trust.

For the many people who have claimed asylum in France and have been waiting for accommodation, there is relief.

The police are clamping down harsher than ever on people “trying.” Many of our friends who have been arrested, have been sent straight to detention centres. Just yesterday, we saw two refugees being arrested, on the side of the road by 5 police officers. It is getting very dangerous for people to leave the “Jungle.” The official policy of Dunkirk camp, is to send people to Calais.

Hotels, camping sites and hostels have been told that they must provide the passport details to the local prefecture, of all guests. They have stated that they will not tolerate anyone providing accommodation to “activists” or “migrants.”

The full force of the law is being inflicted on refugees, as the authorities are on the cusp of erasing the more visible face of this “refugee crisis,” from the Calais landscape.

In these uncertain times, we stand in solidarity with all residents of the #calaisjungle over the coming days. We hope for peaceful & humanitarian solution for those still stuck here, whether their onward journey will lead to France or the UK.