Today the Judge in Lille recognized the importance of restaurants and shops in the Calais “Jungle” Refugee camp. NO EVICTIONS will be taking place on this account.

We are grateful that the judicial process recognized the vital importance of restaurants and shops as safe spaces for communities to avoid police brutality and resolve internal conflicts. The restaurants provide a safe space to charge phones and sleep for the night when there is nowhere else to go. Considering the census released today by Help Refugees proving the population of the camp to have surpassed 9000, the importance of restaurants in their capacity to provide food and shelter cannot be underestimated.

We are delighted that the judge rejected the Calais prefecture’s demand for an eviction of the restaurants and shops, and we hope that this marks a shift towards greater recognition of the inadequate provision of services and food distributed by the French authorities and a shift towards more sanitary and dignified conditions in the camp.