On Wednesday 4th August, restaurants were handed a notice of eviction, to be carried out next week. Establishments of the Calais Jungle that feed the residents, as well as provide community spaces face closure and demolition following the raids carried out by the Departmental directorate for the protection of civilian populations, DDPP and a 150-strong police presence in the past two weeks.


One of the restaurants to be targeted is the Jungle Books Kids Restaurant, a refugee and non-refugee volunteer run space, that provides two hot meals per day to the estimated 300+ unaccompanied minors in the camp.


Entirely run on donations, the Kids Restaurant not only provides two hot meals a day to any child in the camp, but is a safe space for children of the Jungle to spend their days and nights. The restaurant acts as a home, where children can eat, watch TV, play pool, play games, and hang out in the evenings, and allows it’s volunteers to keep an eye on them using a registering system: a much needed service following the shocking news that 129 minors went missing from the Calais Jungle during the South eviction.


The Kids Restaurant has been unable to feed the children of the Calais Jungle for the past two weeks, and now faces closure and demolition

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Thank you to The Worldwide Tribe for the photos.