A damning report by the Bar Human Rights Committee has been released today.

Based on their investigations in March 2016, the report highlights specific allegations of police violence documented by the Legal Advice Centre in Calais, which include:

An Iranian child aged 16 who was taken by French police to a field outside Calais, where he and others were forced to kneel down in a line before being beaten repeatedly with truncheons.

A British volunteer who was pushed, slapped and strangled by police, and had a tear gas canister shot at her face, while attempting to document camp evictions

An Eritrean man who, when complying with a police request to get down from a lorry, was kicked and hit by officers and had tear gas sprayed in his face.

Police inaction in response to other violence targeting camp residents, including a gun battle between rival people-smugglers in the former camp at Dunkirk, and “citizen violence” against refugees in the town and port areas of Calais.

You can read the full report here: