My name is Abdul, I am from Afghanistan. I have spent some time in the UK, and now I am living in the Calais ‘Jungle’. I wasn’t removed by the UK border agency, but left on my own. I’ve lived in Europe as a refugee and also seen and learnt a lot about the UK.

calais jungle brexit
And because of these experiences I think the UK should definitely stay in the EU. I think that even though it’s easier for me and others in my situation to get into the UK if you leave the EU. This is because the French Government will not enforce the UK border in France anymore, and it’s easier to cross one border than two. But here is why I believe something which goes against myself:

First Brussels has already agreed to the UK having EU membership with special advantages that other countries do not have. This means the EU has already given the British a lot of what they want. The UK already has a new law for EU citizens that means that if they come into the UK, and if they don’t find a job in six months they have to go back to their country.

Also if the UK leaves the EU it looks like Scotland might leave the UK. Nicola Sturgeon has given warnings to the UK government at the Spring conference and more recently. The UK will lose Scotland, and Scotland has the nuclear under the water (Ed: submarine) which will cause problems too.

It will be harder for UK citizens to come to Europe to work and live, the passport value will come down. And Brussels might demand VISAs for those who want to move.

What will happen to the British people living in the EU? For example in Spain 700 thousand British people live. Won’t the Spanish government make them go back home? There are 3 million people living and working in other European countries.

But most of all I care about the 6 million people who aren’t British but already live in the UK. And leaving will make life harder for them. They have businesses, they have homes, they have jobs, and they have children in school. We should not destroy their lives. Stay in the EU.