Lieux de Vie: Darfur School: An Obituary

5th Jan 2017|

Written by our friend and a teacher at Darfur School, Madeleine Bailey. Amid the blurring fires and confusion, behind a makeshift gate, and through a battered door, one image remains in sharp focus. A capsized shopping

The Last Day of the Calais Jungle.

2nd Nov 2016|

Buses have finally arrived at the Calais "jungle" site to take over 1500 child refugees to accommodation centers for children (CAOMIE) around France. Here, we are told, they will be able to claim asylum in

Eviction of the Calais Jungle, Day 7

30th Oct 2016|

To all our friends who have used our Info Bus for WIFI or legal info over the past six months, your bravery and kindness despite all your suffering back home and in France has been

Eviction of the Calais Jungle, Day 6

29th Oct 2016|

17.00pm The info bus was back in the camp breifly today. There are still 100s of children mostly in the container camp. Some still sleeping on the street outside. We tryed to set up close

Eviction of the Calais Jungle, Day 5

28th Oct 2016|

14.00pm Police have said the church will be demolished at 4pm today - important parts are being saved by volunteers. We stand with our friends at this time, for many of whom this was a

Eviction of the Calais Jungle, Day 4

27th Oct 2016|

8.15am This morning, around 300 people turned up at the registration warehouse to take buses to CAOs (accommodation centres) around France, but were met with closed doors. Police told them to return to the Jungle.

Eviction of the Calais Jungle, Day 3

26th Oct 2016|

An update on last night in the Jungle: 20 children who couldn't register yesterday were sleeping in some of the community mosques as large fires broke out around the camp. 8 young people with nowhere

Eviction of the Calais Jungle, Day 2

25th Oct 2016|

7.00am It's a cold, quiet morning in camp. Like yesterday, residents of the Jungle have been queuing since the early hours.   8.00am We ask all press, journalists and others to respect the residents of

Eviction of the Calais Jungle, Day 1

24th Oct 2016|

10.00am It's a cold morning in Calais and residents of the Jungle have been queuing since the early hours to board buses for accommodation centres around France. We're continuing to run small info sessions for

Lieux de Vie: Kitchens in the Calais Jungle: Kitchen in Calais

22nd Oct 2016|

Kitchen in Calais was one of the first free kitchens in the Calais Jungle, and as well as serving one hot meal to over 1,500 residents per day, they provide 250 -300 meals to the

Lieux de Vie: Kitchens in the Calais Jungle: Refugee Community Kitchen

22nd Oct 2016|

Beatrice in conversation with Maz. Photographs by the Refugee Info Bus Citizen Photo Project. The Refugee Community Kitchen is located opposite the entrance of the camp, so as well as serving food to the residents

Lieux de Vie: Kitchens in the Calais Jungle: Ashram Kitchen

22nd Oct 2016|

The Ashram kitchen has existed for one year in various different forms and locations through every weather condition, fire and eviction. The Ashram Kitchen is resilient. As well as feeding a huge proportion of residents,

Lieux de Vie: Kitchens in the Calais Jungle: Sudanese Community Kitchen

22nd Oct 2016|

The Sudanese Community kitchen was built by member of the Sudanese Darfour community in the camp. Completely self-run, this is a beautiful space where 120 people cook, eat, and clean communally every day, for multiple

Lieux de Vie: Kitchens in the Calais Jungle: Belgium Kitchen

22nd Oct 2016|

The Belgium Kitchen is run by 4 Moroccan/Belgian cousins who create a supportive and familial environment for their volunteers, many of whom are camp residents. The enclosed compound also serves as a safe space for

Awaiting the Eviction of the Calais Jungle.

22nd Oct 2016|

Extra police and buses have been called. The prefecture have informed NGO’s that the total eviction of the Jungle will start on Monday. In camp, there is an atmosphere of fear, resignation and frustration, at

Lille receives its first new students.

18th Oct 2016|

A very happy afternoon, drinking tea and biscuits in the Calais Woodyard, waiting for buses to take 100 new students to start a new chapter at Lille University. The students were, until this morning, living

The Calais Jungle: discerning fact from fiction among the rumours (RIB volunteer Nancy Dent for The Independent)

15th Oct 2016|

http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/the-calais-jungle-discerning-fact-from-fiction-among-the-rumours-a7363166.html I was told that the first indication of the date of the previous camp evictions in February was a local bin man disclosing the end date of his contract to collect rubbish in the south side

Lieux de Vie: Schools in the Calais Jungle: Baloo’s Youth Service

13th Oct 2016|

Beatrice in conversation with Michael from Baloo's Youth Centre. A safe, supportive space for minors to facilitate psychological development, problem-free time and access to skilled, trained adults representing each community within the camp, including current/former residents. The

Lieux de Vie: Schools in the Calais Jungle: Jungle Books

13th Oct 2016|

Beatrice in conversation with Nikki from Jungle Books. Jungle Books Library operates as both a school for language, art and music, and as a library where refugees and volunteers are welcome to come and sit and read,

Lieux de Vie: Schools in the Calais Jungle: L’Ecole de Dunes

13th Oct 2016|

L’Ecole de Dunes also serves as a supportive space for talking and friendship; a community space with familiar faces. There are regularly nurses on site, as well as gynaecologists, opticians and dentists. French lawyers visit

Lieux de Vie: Schools in the Calais Jungle: Darfour School

13th Oct 2016|

As well as providing French and English lessons, there are regular legal workshops provided on-site by the Refugee Info Bus, providing information on asylum. The school provides one meal per day for it’s students, and

Lieux de Vie: Schools in the Calais Jungle: Oromo School

13th Oct 2016|

The only Omoro (Eritirean & Ethiopian people) specific space in the camp, the Oromo school provides asylum information specifically for Oromo people, as well as acting as a social and community space, with a library

Lieux de Vie: Schools in the Calais Jungle: Introduction

12th Oct 2016|

The Calais Jungle is an unofficial refugee camp for the 10,000 displaced persons who want to seek asylum in France and the UK, who have fled war, terror, persecution, poverty and violence in attempt to

Kids Cafe Volunteers arrested this morning.

11th Oct 2016|

Police confiscate the shoes of refugees.

7th Oct 2016|

A few of our refugee friends got stopped in town by the French police. Before being told to "Go Jungle" they all had their shoes taken from them. www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/french-police-calais-jungle-migrants-refugees-human-rights-brutality-a7362281.html  

Lieux de Vie: An Anthropological Photographic Research Project.

4th Oct 2016|

In the coming weeks preceding the eviction, the Refugee Info Bus will be publishing a detailed account of every community space in the Jungle that has formed in the past year. Soon there won't be

Tomb of the Unknown Refugees

28th Sep 2016|

This is the final resting place for those refugees unable to finish their journeys. This small cemetery lies not too far from the Euro Tunnel, where so many lost their lives in the previous year. The

The Calais Jungle will be evicted, and it will be soon.

23rd Sep 2016|

French Authorities have announced plans to evict the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp in the coming weeks. The latest Help Refugees census has revealed that the population of the camp is now over 10,000 including 1,022

Wind and rain in the Calais refugee camp.

17th Sep 2016|

These small weekend camping tents are not good enough for a human to live in. The "jungle" is half dumping ground and half sand dunes. The natural water level is only one or two feet

New Data Highlights Urgent Need for Legal Information in Calais “Jungle”

12th Sep 2016|

The Refugee Rights Data Project report “Still Waiting” underlines the importance of the work of the Refugee Info Bus to meet basic human rights New data gathered by the Refugee Rights Data Project has highlighted

Operation Escargot

5th Sep 2016|

Lorry drivers, farmers and many Calais locals are on strike today, calling for an end date to the Calais “Jungle” Refugee Camp. They claim that refugees trying to get on lorries are destroying the livelihood

Courts rule on the business evictions in the Calais Jungle. NO EVICTION!

12th Aug 2016|

Today the Judge in Lille recognized the importance of restaurants and shops in the Calais "Jungle" Refugee camp. NO EVICTIONS will be taking place on this account. We are grateful that the judicial process recognized

Business Raids continue in the Calais Jungle.

11th Aug 2016|

CRS Police are back in the camp confiscating food and bikes from refugee run shops and restaurants. The result of a court case concerning evictions from these premises is due tomorrow. The restaurants provide food

Eviction notice given to the shops and restaurants of The Calais Jungle.

5th Aug 2016|

On Wednesday 4th August, restaurants were handed a notice of eviction, to be carried out next week. Establishments of the Calais Jungle that feed the residents, as well as provide community spaces face closure and

Police Violence in the Calais Jungle

3rd Aug 2016|

A damning report by the Bar Human Rights Committee has been released today. Based on their investigations in March 2016, the report highlights specific allegations of police violence documented by the Legal Advice Centre in

Very disappointing news from the UK Home Office.

2nd Aug 2016|

Very disappointing news! In January, following a legal case supported by Citizens UK, three Syrian children and a young adult with mental health problems were granted permission by the UK Courts to travel from the

Amul Azzudin: a truly Outstanding Woman of Scotland.

1st Aug 2016|

11 years ago, age 15, Amal Azzudin and friends took a stand against the immigration authorities’ treatment of an asylum seeker friend in Glasgow. When friend and fellow Drumchapel High School pupil Agnesa Murselaj was

Kids Cafe for Child Refugees Escapes Demolition.

25th Jul 2016|

" width="600" height="350" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""] Jungle Books Library and Kids Cafe's Sikunder explains the importance of a stable, safe place for unaccompanied minors in the Calais camp. Humanitarian refugees work incredible effectively,

Bastille Day

21st Jul 2016|

Calais refugees send a beautiful message of empathy and solidarity with the victims, and their families, of the horrific attack that took place in Nice on Bastille Day. While Refugees in Calais experience extreme violence,

Business Raids in the Calais Jungle: Welcome Restaurant.

19th Jul 2016|

" width="600" height="350" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""] Welcome to the Jungle: How the French authorities are demolishing human spirit in Calais. “Welcome to the Welcome Restaurant! Open 22 hours a day, two hours for sleeping!”

21 year old boy from Afghanistan is deported from his new family in the UK.

15th Jul 2016|

In the very early hours of this morning, 21 year old Hamed, originally from Afghanistan has been unexpectedly deported from the UK, to Holland, despite a pending injunction. He was forced to flee Afghanistan when

Refugees, a threat? We face violence every day.

5th Jul 2016|

My name is Shakir and I am a nurse from Pakistan with 14 years of professional experience. I am also a refugee, living in the Calais jungle, and I am providing a medical service

Brexit and why Britain should vote remain, even though it is harder for me.

22nd Jun 2016|

My name is Abdul, I am from Afghanistan. I have spent some time in the UK, and now I am living in the Calais ‘Jungle’. I wasn’t removed by the UK border agency, but left

Refugee Info Bus on Brexit: What we know about leaving the EU and how it will affect our friends at the border.

22nd Jun 2016|

We don’t yet know what will be the far reaching consequences of Brexit to both UK and EU nationals, will be. But for our friends living Calais, Dunkirk and other areas of Europe, who have

Happy World Refugee Day from the Refugee Info Bus.

20th Jun 2016|

Yesterday afternoon, traffic began to build up on the motorway next to the camp. Traffic near the camp often provides residents the opportunity to try and hide themselves in passing vehicles, in a desperate attempt

Citizen Photo in the Calais Jungle: Part 1

12th Jun 2016|

In March 2016, 40 disposable cameras were distributed to residents of the Jungle, in order that they could document their own daily lives. Empowering refugees to become the narrators of their own stories. ‘The first